Introducing Slidetiles - Your Images on Metal

Slidetiles is proud to officially launch the world's first magnet mounted photo tiles. No mobile app download necessary. Users can print images from their phones, computers or social networks directly onto our 8" x 8" steel tiles. Allowing for the ultimate in self expression.

The concept of putting photos on a wall and letting them sit for years is so old fashioned. With the advent of camera phones and the plethora of photos we have today, another solution was needed. Slidetiles gives customers the modular capabilities to continually create and highlight joy filled memories, expressing themselves to the max! Mike Mulhall - Founder


Send us your images from your phone, computer, Instagram, Facebook or any other social network and we'll put those images onto our 8" x 8" metal tiles.

Slidetiles unboxing

Slidetiles are made in the USA. We've optimized our manufacturing process to ensure fast delivery and high quality prints. Our goal is to blow our customer's expectations away. From the time they open their first shipment to mounting them on the wall, we've really put a lot of thought into the whole process. - Mike Mulhall

Slidetiles installation

Magnet mounted and safe for walls. We provide a special magnet with a removable adhesive. Customers simply stick the magnet to the wall and are able to mount, remount and adjust their Slidetiles for years.

Create collage in seconds with Slidetiles

Create collages and wall murals in seconds. Say good-bye to measuring tapes, hammers, plaster and hours of frustration! Because Slidetiles can be adjusted on the magnet, exact measurements aren't needed! So mounting several tiles in a collage on the wall becomes exponentially easier.

Slidetiles are 8 inch x 8 inch

Did we mention they're made out of metal?! Not foam or canvas or paper. Metal prints at affordable prices! Currently, Slidetiles are available as 8 inch x 8 inch tiles. For larger images, we offer the capability to print a single image over multiple tiles, as big as 16 inch x 24 inch.

Put images on both sides of a Slidetile

You can even put images on both sides, flipping the tile over any time you want to see a new pic or change the look of your wall.

Slidetiles let you express yourself

Are you ready to express yourself?! Check out Slidetiles for more information. For more inspiration, you can follow us at @slidetile on Instagram and @slidetiles on Facebook.

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