How Slidetiles Work

Slidetiles are 8" x 8" photo prints made of steel

They are thin and lightweight but very strong and rigid.

They mount to the wall with our magnetic sticker

Which can be removed any time without damaging your walls.

You can remove or move the Slidetile around on the magnet.

This opens a whole new world of possibilities. No more having to worry if you got the measurements right!

Patent Pending

They are great for collecting & enjoying.

Less than a 1/4" thick, they are easy to store, swap out or flip over.

Add to or change your wall photos whenever you like!

We are better than the competition

Because no one offers what we do.

  • We use metal.Everyone else uses foam, paper, canvas or stickers.
  • Our photo tiles actually stick.They don't fall off the wall after a few months like the others do.
  • Slidetiles are truly modular.You can change them, flip them and adjust them in seconds.
  • Best value for your money.For the same price you get a high quality metal print.