Life never stops making memories

Our double sided photo tiles lets you celebrate them all

Slidetiles Sample 1 Tile 1
Slidetiles Sample 2 Tile 1
Slidetiles Sample 1 Tile 2
Slidetiles Sample 2 Tile 2
Slidetiles Sample 1 Tile 3
Slidetiles Sample 2 Tile 3
Slidetiles Sample 1 Tile 4
Slidetiles Sample 2 Tile 4
Slidetiles Sample 1 Tile 5
Slidetiles Sample 2 Tile 5
Slidetiles Sample 1 Tile 6
Slidetiles Sample 2 Tile 6
Slidetiles Sample Backdrop 1
Slidetiles Sample Backdrop 2

The beauty of metal. The magic of magnets.

We turn your photos into beautiful double-sided metal prints that hang magnetically.

Slidetiles - Print photos on both sides
Print photos on both sides
Slidetiles - Magnet mounts are a game changer
Magnet mounts are a game changer
Slidetiles - No damage to your walls
No damage
to your walls
Slidetiles - Rearrange, remove or reuse them
Rearrange, remove or reuse them

Slide them

Slide them around on their magnet mounts


Flip them

We can add images on both sides. Flip them over anytime.

Swap them

Slidetiles are interchangeable


Your photo library is getting bigger. Your walls are not.

We invented Slidetiles because we couldn't fit enough memories on our walls

  • Slide in new friends or vaca pics in seconds
  • Flip them over for a fresh look
  • Create photo walls in minutes
  • No tools required
Slidetiles - are 8 inches by 8 inches
Slidetiles are 8" x 8"
The Perfect Size
Our tiles are the perfect size for collages. We've also rounded off the corners which gives them a polished look.
As low as $9 each
Photo realistic metal prints at a fraction of the cost
Shipping is always free
Super Affordable Metal Prints
Metal prints of this size and quality typically cost for $40 to $50 each! We want to change that.
Slidetiles - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're not satisfied with your order, return them within 14 days for a refund.
Slidetiles - Trusted
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Making walls pop is our passion

"So much fun to change the pics as our little daughter grows :)"
"Our daughter absolutely loves these."
"Bringing my walls to life!!"
"We've ordered from Mixtiles in the past, but Slidetiles blows those away."
"These made a great addition to our kid's wall."
"Ordered color pics on one side and B&W on the other. Flipping them over is so satisfying."
"The metal is so unique."
"Put these up behind my desk. Motivates me everyday."
"So excited to put these up! And it was so easy!"
"My new wall decor. Only took a few mins. So cool."

Give a gift that lasts forever

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Memories shouldn't be limited by the space on your walls

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