The Spanish Flag - 8in x 8inThe Spanish Flag - 16in x 16in

The Spanish Flag

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(Measurement: 8'' x 8'')
Want a larger image? We can place some of our art onto multiple tiles.
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4 Tiles
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Estimated shipping time: 3-4 working days


What's a Slidetile?

A Slidetile is an 8" x 8" metal print on which we imprint a high quality image. It's not a cheap piece of plastic or foam.

It's highly durable, weather resistant and magnetic.

Using our patent pending system, Slidetiles can be mounted magnetically on walls and moved around as easy as refrigerator magnets.

About the size of small records, they are thin enough that they can be stored easily in a small box and taken out for any occasion.

See video for a detailed explainer


Get the The Spanish Flag Wall Art now. Add an accent to your photo collage or highlight your travel photos.

Our damage free mounting system means you can create and change your Slidetiles at any time.


World and Travel Art

What you get

  • Slidetile(s) - High Quality Print on Durable Metal
  • Magnetic Mounting System
  • Protective Cardboard Sleeve
  • For orders of 4 or more, a magnetic bubble leveler
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Estimated shipping time: 3-4 working days

How to mount a Slidetile?

  • Slidetiles

    1. Each Slidetile comes with a magnet. Remove the magnet from the Slidetile

  • Slidetiles

    2. Remove "Outside Liner" from the back of the sticker

  • Slidetiles

    3. Place sticker on wall with the magnet facing outward

  • Slidetiles

    4. Place the Slidetile on the magnet and slide around to adjust

Every Slidetile is custom made to order so the shipping time can vary. We do our best to produce and ship all orders out within 4 working days.

Shipping time may also increase if the shipping address is outside the United States.

All US orders include FREE SHIPPING.

International shipping costs vary and can be determined during the checkout process.

Each Slidetile is hand cut from high quality steel. It is waterproof, UV proof and will last much longer than most printed products you can buy online. Each Slidetile weighs only 8 oz.

For delicate walls, walls that were painted without primer or walls with wallpaper, we recommend using a hair dryer to heat up the sticker for 30 seconds. Then slowly peel all 4 edges of the sticker off.

For normal walls, a hair dryer makes it easier, but simply peel all 4 edges of the sticker off. That’s it!

For replacement magnets, please go here.

We want to ensure our customers are always happy with what they ordered.

If what you received is not what you wanted or you are not 100% happy with it, please use our contact form and select the "Returns" category.

The terms of our Satisfaction Guarantee policy are covered in our terms and conditions found on the Slidetiles website. Our Satisfaction Guarantee policy lasts for 15 days from the day you received your order in the mail.

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