What's a Slidetile?

Slidetiles are the newest and coolest way to decorate your walls and keep your photos updated as life unfolds.

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"I just love how I can move them around or flip them over for a new look! So clever!"

-Becky B.

We print your photos on metal

Slidetiles are high quality 8" x 8" metal prints made from lightweight steel. They're extremely durable & our patent pending process lets you mount them to your walls magnetically.

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Safe for walls.

Super easy to mount. No tools required. Using our proprietary wall protector stickers ensures your walls stay safe and free from holes.

After sticking the magnet to your wall, you can move, flip and change out Slidetiles on the same mount.  No remounting necessary!


Slide, spin & adjust them.

Because Slidetiles are magnet-mounted, you can easily slide & adjust them on their mounts.

No more having to hammer new holes in your wall to adjust your photos.

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You can put images on both sides

Flip them around at any time for a different image.

Are the in-laws coming over? Or have the holidays arrived? Change your photos whenever you need!

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Easy to store. Change them any time.

Slidetiles measure 8" x 8" and are less than a 1/16" of a inch thick. They are strong, lightweight and very easy to store.

As your Slidetile collection grows, you can switch them out or add to your wall photos whenever you like. No remounting necessary!

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No limit to what you can create.

Slidetiles Slidetiles

What can I do with Slidetiles:

  • Make stunning wall collages
  • Print instagram photos
  • No damage to walls
  • Change photos anytime
  • Create my own wall art
  • Preserve my photos on metal

Use your own photos

Upload any photo you like, you can even use your Instagram or Facebook photos.

Print them on one or several Slidetiles if you want a larger image. Make your photo wall pop!

Create a Slidetile today Your walls will never be the same

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Tips & Tricks

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Create a Slidetile today Your walls will never be the same

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