Turn your photos into affordable, magnet mounted wall art

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"This will change the way we decorate our walls forever."

-Better Homes

What's a Slidetile?

A Slidetile is an 8" x 8" metal print on which we imprint a high quality image. It's not a cheap piece of plastic or foam.

It's highly durable, weather resistant and magnetic.

Using our patent pending system, Slidetiles can be mounted magnetically on walls and moved around as easy as refrigerator magnets.

About the size of small records, they are thin enough that they can be stored easily in a small box and taken out for any occasion.

See video for a detailed explainer

What you get:

  • Slidetile(s) - High Quality Print on Durable Metal
  • Magnetic Mounting System
  • Protective Cardboard Sleeve
  • For orders of 4 or more, a magnetic bubble leveler
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Estimated shipping time: 3-4 working days